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Sylvia Leiner Shordike's NeuroHorizons®
Experiential Learning Programs
for Parents, Caregivers & Anat Baniel NeuroMovement® Professionals
Supporting Children With Special Needs


Unique theme-based experiential Professional Enrichment Seminars help the NeuroMovement Practitioner deepen, broaden, and embody key — and often challenging — elements of the work:

Personalized instruction and practice in each themed seminar expands your tool kit, confidence, and creativity for addressing diverse client conditions.

The original intimate and personalized Professional Supervision Intensives for NeuroMovement Practitioners seeking to hone their skill and craft with children:

Experiential hands-on practicums with direct supervision and collegial feedback, to better identify and support optimal developmental trajectories for children facing diverse challenges.

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2018 / 2019
PSI Schedule


Moving With the Child: Foundations of Experiential Movement™. Focused modules for parents, caregivers, and professionals looking for new tools to support Children With Special Needs, be it their own child or clients:

Emphasizing the fundamentals of presence, embodiment, and movement in the service of neural plasticity, re-mapping, and improved function — for oneself and for the child.

"I am blown away by the great client results I've had since your Supervision Intensive!"

ust what I needed to add to my confidence, and to my skillset as an ABM Practitioner.”

"You reminded me how much fun and creativity I can bring to my own lessons. I am so inspired."

The most extraordinarily enriching 3 days imaginable."

A perfect blend of observing lessons, giving lessons, learning through experiential movement with each other, and sheer delight with the kids!"

"The Enrichment Seminar format was superb. I feel so inspired, energetic, and happy from the whole experience."

☞ 2018 / 2019 Schedule

Professional Supervision Intensives (PSI)
Professional Enrichment Seminars (PES)
Fundamentals Of Experiential Movement (FEM)

Mallorca, Spain
(PSI #1 January 2018) COMPLETED
Mallorca, Spain (PSI #2 January 2018) COMPLETED
Sebastopol, CA (PSI January 2018) COMPLETED
Sebastopol, CA (PSI February 2018) COMPLETED
Portland, OR (PSI March 2018) COMPLETED
Maui, HI (PSI March 2018) COMPLETED
Santa Cruz, CA (PSI April 2018) COMPLETED
Calgary, Alberta (PSI May 2018) COMPLETED
Ravensburg, Germany (PSI June 1-3, 2018) COMPLETED
Mallorca, Spain (PSI #1 June 5-7, 2018) COMPLETED
Mallorca, Spain (PSI #2 June 8-10, 2018) COMPLETED
Sebastopol, CA (PES #2 July 13-15, 2018) COMPLETED
Sebastopol, CA (PES #1 July 20-22, 2018) COMPLETED
Sebastopol, CA (PSI August 10-12, 2018) COMPLETED
San Diego, CA (PSI September 14-16, 2018) Contact Organizer
Boulder, CO (PSI September 28-30, 2018) Contact Organizer
Sebastopol, CA (FEM) October 19-21, 2018) Contact Organizer
Laguna Beach, CA (PSI November 9-11, 2018) Contact Organizer


Marbella, Spain
(PSI January 3-5, 2019) Contact Organizer
Sebastopol, CA
(PSI January 25-27, 2019) Contact Organizer
Sebastopol, CA (PSI February 15-17, 2019) Contact Organizer
Portland, OR
(PSI March 1-3, 2019) Contact Organizer
Maui, HI (PSI March 13-15, 2019) Contact Organizer
Santa Cruz, CA (PSI April 12-14, 2019) Contact Organizer
Vancouver, BC (PSI May 3-5, 2019) Contact Organizer
Ravensburg, Germany (PSI May 24-26, 2019) Contact Organizer
Mallorca, Spain (PSI #1 June 2-4, 2019) Contact Organizer
Mallorca, Spain (PSI #2 June 6-8, 2019) Contact Organizer
Sankt Aegyd am Neuwalde, Austria (PSI July 2019) Contact Organizer

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Why NeuroHorizons?

As a passionate Anat Baniel NeuroMovement® practitioner and supervisor, I am always thinking about new ways to broaden and deepen our support of Children With Special Needs.

Working now for over two decades with many hundreds of children facing diverse and complex challenges, I keep seeing how one particular fact of life tends to trip up parents and professionals alike:

We cannot
“do it to” or “do it for” the child.

Instead, our goal is to serve as an ongoing
source of dynamic, sequential movements. We offer kinesthetic experiences that evoke, frame, and cultivate each child's unique learning process.

So I've become an enthusiastic guide for practitioners and caregivers who want to more fluently
move with the child — from our own adult awareness, presence, and intention. Whatever a child's challenges, our own creative embodiment of Experiential Movement™ promotes emotional connection, neural plasticity, functional re-mapping, and an optimal developmental trajectory.

Our success hinges on an appreciation that a child’s current neural map is not the territory; on our willingness to embark on a joint adventure of experiential learning; and on our skill navigating unchartered terrain toward each new developmental horizon.

Drawing on my years as a NeuroMovement practitioner, teacher, and trainer, I have fashioned personalized, experiential learning programs to help you deepen your grounding, embodiment, perception, and confidence. Whatever your role or experience with children, you can enliven and elevate your presence, skills, and service — be they applied for the benefit of your own child or for your clients.

I look forward to seeing you!
— Sylvia Leiner Shordike

☞ Some Practitioner Reviews

"The Supervision Intensive was the most extraordinarily enriching 3 days imaginable. My head is swimming and my brain is percolating and my nervous system is digesting and my skeleton is doing all sorts of new things. Sylvia, your energy, enthusiasm, talent and mentorship is a treasure." Megan Wetherall

"What a transformative weekend. I'm so much clearer about what I'm doing with the kids and am moving so much better myself. THANK YOU!” Jan Peterson

“You reminded me how much fun and creativity I can bring to my own lessons.  I am so inspired to continue growing.”  Adrienne Penebre

"I want to let you know that I’m blown away by the great client results I've had since your Supervision Intensive — big changes for a spastic child, and for a man who suffered a stroke. I feel learning from you is absolutely vital to my practice. I am so thankful!” Jennifer Helenius

"It's such a privilege to see you work Sylvia, and to have you work with us. Your mastery is impeccable in its potency and clarity. You and the Supervision Intensive were amazing, inspiring, and empowering — a perfect blend of observing lessons, giving lessons, learning through experiential movement with each other, and sheer delight with the kids.” Barbara Horwitch

"Sylvia, through witnessing the quality of your movements -- both as you moved yourself and as you moved me -- I learned how to use my body as a Practitioner, and how I could positively affect the movement and learning of others. It is the most empowering feeling I have had in a long time." C.W.

“The Enrichment Seminar format was superb. Your outstanding teaching about discovering each person's unique organization or challenge really helps me understand the larger context. I'm enthusiastic to work with clients this way, instead of feeling stressed that it's not working out how it “should". I put a lot of pressure on myself because I really care about this work and want to do well. Your teaching helps take the pressure off, and frees me to be myself as a Practitioner. I feel so inspired, energetic and happy from the whole experience. Plus, I've never walked with my whole body and my entire back so integrated and my legs so long and flowing. Thank you!" Joanne Cutler

“You have given me a new sense of possibility.  I have definitely felt a higher quality in my work with the kids.”  Tracy Roybal

“Thank you Sylvia for providing such an enriching learning environment.  You are a terrific teacher and I came back with my brain on fire, so inspired and grateful and full of new hopes and dreams.”  Verena Kurz

“What an infusion of fantastic learning and camaraderie. What a fabulous breath of inspiration in my life.  You took us on a truly ABM learning journey, in safety and in perfectly sized increments with variation, fun, and awareness. I feel empowered with deeper understanding and connections!”  Phoebe MacRae

“Your teaching was invaluable and just what I needed to add to my confidence, and to my skillset as an ABM Practitioner.”  Ed Dassie

“I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of our group, and feel we all moved up several notches as practitioners.”  Kate Garner

"Lots of fun, and really inspiring learning with new and useful insights. I feel more confident and creative during sessions, and consequently my connection to the child is more at ease and delightful." Nana Gravesen

“Thanks Sylvia for your loving approach to teaching.  I feel like I got exactly what I needed (and I didn't know what I needed going into the workshop). I feel an upgrade in me, and am still running full steam ahead with what I learned.”  Carla Romaniuk

"Sylvia is one of the most focused, skilled, and effective movement practitioners I have worked with in my 30 years of clinical practice. In her private sessions and classes I have seen Sylvia help a wide variety of children, adults, and high-performers regain (or learn) normal function and live with more ease and grace. Her techniques are comfortable, effective, and even pleasurable." Eddie Rosen, Physical Therapist

☞ More about Experiential Movement™ / NeuroHorizons®

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We all move. The human brain is organized through movement, and during waking hours it is occupied mostly with movement. In this sense movement is the language of the brain. Thus, movement is a great way to communicate with the brain.

Yet, as adults, how aware are we at any given moment of the intention, quality, and outcome of our movements?

Now consider a child with developmental challenges. Many diseases and disorders of childhood interrupt the normal conversation that needs to take place between the child's brain and the world around it. Lack of full and free movement is a common element of these challenges. Yet, normal child development is a progression of learning through movement; the brain must know certain things before subsequent development can occur.

With training, practice, and a dose of patience and perseverance, parents, caregivers, and practitioners can more deeply appreciate and embody these learning principles, first for themselves. We are then more empowered and effective in using directed attention, intentional movements, and kinesthetic experiences to help start that developmental conversation with a child's nervous system.

This gentle process can provide the child's brain with the information, experiences, and conditions required to gain the missing elements upon which skills are built. Developmental gaps caused by various conditions and traumas get filled in, and the child can then spontaneously learn to do what he or she couldn’t do before. New developmental trajectories become possible, and new horizons unfold.

The child’s brain is almost always available for potent learning, regardless of the developmental challenge or diagnosis. When we learn to move with a child in ways that evoke, frame, and cultivate this experiential learning, we discover new developmental trajectories — the new horizons — that may be possible. This profound appreciation — that a child’s current neural map is not the territory — is key to our successful support of the child.

Hence the names NeuroHorizons™ and Experiential Movement™. In order to help a child discover and explore the territory and new horizons, as parents and practitioners we move with the child — with awareness, presence, and intention. All of my offerings elaborate on this premise.

☞ About Sylvia

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⦿ Former trainer and senior practitioner at the Anat Baniel Center, California (2009-2016)

⦿ Originator of the NeuroHorizons™ Experiential Learning Programs for Professionals and Parents

⦿ Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® (1994)

⦿ Certified Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® Practitioner (2002)

⦿ ABM Mastery Certifications for Children with Special Needs, Aging and Vitality, and High Performers

⦿ Private Practice since 1994

I have practiced and taught the Feldenkrais Method since 1994, and the Anat Baniel Method since 2002, working internationally with hundreds of clients of all ages and needs.

For seven years I was a senior practitioner at the Anat Baniel Center in San Rafael, California. I also served as a Trainer at the Anat Baniel Method professional and Children's Mastery trainings. I originated the focused and personalized experiential education programs for practitioners, parents, and caregivers that are described above.

Building on my prior foundation in anatomy, physiology, pathology and health, I studied under Anat Baniel from 1990-1994 to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner. I subsequently completed three mastery certification programs with Anat to qualify for working with: (1) Infants and Children with Special Needs; (2) Aging and Vitality; and (3) High Performers (e.g. athletes, musicians, dancers, executives, etc).

There is a special, passionate place in my heart for children, particularly Children with Special Needs. I work daily with these children and their families, addressing issues as diverse as Cerebral Palsy, stroke, other kinds of brain injury and brain damage, congenital heart problems, Brachial Plexus injury, scoliosis, ADHD, autism spectrum, and genetic disorders such as Fragile X and Down's Syndrome.

☞ Contact Me

Please let me know about your interest and questions! — Sylvia

NOTE: If you would like to schedule individual NeuroMovement lessons for your child, please contact me through

For a worldwide listing of certified NeuroMovement practitioners serving Children With Special Needs, please visit

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