Empower Yourself to
Empower the Child With Special Needs

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Optimize every child's developmental trajectory
regardless of the challenge or disability

via NeuroHorizons® Experiential Movement®

North America's premier movement education programs uniquely dedicated to the parents, caregivers & professionals supporting the Child With Special Needs


Fundamentals of Experiential Movement®

Seminar Series for Parents & Caregivers
Supporting the Child With Special Needs

Continuing Education Programs

for NeuroHorizons®, Feldenkrais®, NeuroScanBalance®, and Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Graduates


"The joy factor has exponentially increased in our life. I continue to be astounded by the profound physical, mental, and emotional changes within myself and for my Special Needs Child.

I could immediately use what I learned with my boy, and his movement and language are shifting and growing at a remarkable pace. After all the years of trying other modalities, my connection with my son has now transformed into a distinct experience of joy, freedom and flexibility."

Annemarie Miller
NeuroHorizons graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“I've learned to work with my daughter with cerebral palsy in ways I never knew were possible. Attentive movement has become an automatic part of our daily routine — if I am touching my daughter we are learning together. Watching each little change through everyday neural plasticity has been amazing. This program has been a one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience for us both.”

Cassie Baker
NeuroHorizons graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

“Exactly what I was looking for: The opportunity to learn about how I move my own body, so that I can be the best possible role model for my daughter. I feel much better in my own skin, and there is a new sense of curiosity about options for myself, and for my child. Your embodied teaching, clarity, humor, passion, and generosity bring so much life to this learning. Thank you!”

Daniela I., Ph.D
NeuroHorizons Graduate graduate & Mother of Special Needs Child

Focused, Experiential Seminars & lntensives.
Small, ln-Person Groups = Personalized & Effective Learning.
ln the Americas & Europe.

“As a Neuropsychologist working with individuals on a spectrum of neurocognitive capacities and degenerative conditions, the NeuroHorizons program has shifted so much for me. In other movement programs I've been handed concepts and techniques, but it is here in our NeuroHorizons small group that I developed the missing piece — the much deeper embodied awareness and relational presence.

With this profound learning I've slowed down, become much more attentive to my own experience and that of others, and now bring far more of myself to my clients, to my family, everywhere. The outcomes are remarkable. Plus, I've never had so much fun learning!”

Erin Warnick, Ph.D
NeuroHorizons Graduate and Anat Baniel Method graduate

Sylvia's insistence on a small group, in-person, personalized learning environment is so healing and empowering. Her teaching style is dynamic and down-to-earth, crystal clear and encouraging — for the parents who have never studied this genre of movement work, as well as for us experienced practitioners to refine our hands-on work and deepen our embodiment.

It's amazing to observe the speedy learning by my NeuroHorizons classmates who are new to this work — their already deep understandings and gentle, attentive, relational touch after just a few segments. Truly impressive.”

Verena Kurz
Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Practitioner and NeuroHorizons Trainee

Entirely ln-Person.

Individualized Instruction
with Master Teacher & Trainer


Founder of the
® Experiential Movement® Learning Programs

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Author of

The NeuroHorizons Primer:
Empower Yourself to Empower the Child With Special Needs

The essential "big-picture" handbook for movement practitioners, parents, and caregivers seeking to elevate their service to Children With Special Needs.

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